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C2Perform Index Q3 2020

Performance Management Services


  • KPI Management Consulting

    Optimize your performance management with best practices and a fresh perspective from our team of experts.  Whether it's implementing a KPI-focused, metrics-based management system or just providing some help for what you're doing now, we can help.

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  • eLearning Development

    Keep your employees engaged while giving them the skills they need to maximize performance.

    Our specialists and industry leading partners create customized training courses designed to support your unique processes and to help you achieve performance goals.  With our interactive gamification techniques, team members are more engaged, learn faster and retain more.

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  • Knowledge Management Conversion

    Outgrown your current knowledge management system's capabilities?  We can help.

    We've converted knowledgebases - big and small - that enable team members to become more confident and capable in their customer support roles.  Using search ahead, page ratings and analytics, we help you leverage your KMS to be a customer-pleasing, team-strengthening machine.

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