Quality Assurance
Fully Automated QA Workflows
Voice and Non-Voice Transactions
Ties to Specific KPIs

Quality Assurance

Tools and Insights to Drive a Culture of Continuous Improvement

  • No more spreadsheets and pivot tables to keep up with QA activities
  • Fully automate your QA methodology
  • Direct correlation of training and coaching activities to metric attainment
  • Increase workforce engagement with automatic rewards and recognition based on QA goal attainment
  • Optional acknowledgement for each QA session with a team member
  • Reports on individual, team, department and organizational levels
  • Fully supports ISO and Lean Six Sigma
A Turbocharger for Performance Improvement

It's one thing to monitor for adherence to metrics; it's quite another to have access to a comprehensive quality assurance tool that gives you a full picture of how your QA efforts directly affect your organization's ability to meet its performance objectives.  Now, with C2Perform's Quality Assurance platform, you can do just that.

Our fully automated QA workflows can be configured to support your quality assurance methods, not the other way around.  Establish parameters to drive follow up based on QA observations.  Cut the amount of time spent on calibration by 50%.  Drive rewards and recognition automatically.  Get real insights into how QA efforts affect performance at the individual, team and department levels.  C2Perform's closed-loop QA approach creates a cycle of continuous improvement for your business. 

What's Different About C2Perform's Quality Assurance Tools?
  • QA processes are consistently evaluated, validated and enhanced thanks to powerful, flexible reporting.
  • Calibration sessions are far more productive and objective when using our platform  
  • Fully customizable platform supports any process - calls, chats, emails, case management, back-office transactions
  • Team members can provide QA session feedback and have access to a dispute resolution process
  • Coaches have immediate, actionable access to specific areas of opportunity for improvement
  • Robust analytics provide trending for key performance metrics and identify ways to improve training and resources for team members.


If you can't describe what you're doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing.

- W. Edwards Deming, Guru of Quality Management