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  • What to Look for in an Employee Coaching Platform

    Employee coaching is a critical part of helping your team members develop and realize full potential. Having the right coaching tools can make managing employee performance and development much easier. But, have you ever wondered what to look for in an employee coaching platform?

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  • Why Do Employee Certifications Lag Behind Goals (+What You Can Do)

    Getting employees to keep up with their certifications and training can be important for a number of reasons. For some, the goal is to ensure that employees have the right skills to provide top-class service. For others, it’s critical to maintain regulatory compliance. Whatever the reason, employee...

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  • Using Employee Coaching to Improve Workforce Retention Rates

    Voluntary employee turnover can have a major impact on any kind of business. While the specific cost of replacing an individual employee will vary based on industry and employee role, the price tag of employee turnover can easily exceed thousands of dollars. Estimates from Gallup put the annual...

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  • The Top Causes of Voluntary Turnover (+ Tips to Delight & Retain Your A Players)

    Keeping talented call center staff is incredibly difficult at the best of times. Employees often balk at the high stress levels and long hours — which can be exhausting for both workers and managers.

    While it’s true that burnout is one of the biggest causes behind voluntary turnover in call...

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  • A Simple Call Center Employee Onboarding Playbook

    For any call center, employee recruitment is a major concern. With average call center turnover falling between 30% and 45% (Source: QATC), call center leadership is constantly pressured to add new talent and improve retention rates for existing call agents.

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  • Benefits of Having an Employee Performance Dashboard

    An employee performance dashboard can be incredibly useful for getting an “at-a-glance” view of how your team is doing when it comes to meeting their performance goals (or, if you want, their process goals).

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  • What Is Discretionary Effort? (+How to Encourage It)

    Every leader wants to have a hard-working team. One that goes above and beyond basic performance expectations by putting in some discretionary effort each day. But discretionary effort isn’t something that you can just compel employees to give.

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  • The Stages of Employee Disengagement

    Employee engagement is a critical issue for any organization regardless of size or industry. When you have high levels of employee engagement, your team is more likely to go the extra mile to meet goals and is less likely to quit. On the other hand, employee disengagement increases the risk of...

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  • Are Speech Analytics Call Center Solutions the Best QA Option?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI), or software solutions that try to imitate human intellect to achieve complex tasks, have long been a part of business operations. Many businesses rely heavily on AI to sift through massive data sets so leaders can make more informed decisions. For call centers, speech...

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