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  • How To Use Gamification Tools to Improve Employee Performance

    Some people go through the motions every day just to get a paycheck. Others are lucky enough to enjoy their job roles. Even if your team is in the latter category, it’s still common for routine or workplace disruptions to make people unmotivated every now and then. 

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  • How to Improve Employee Engagement (+ Retention & Productivity)

    Employee engagement is practically an evergreen topic for organizations of all sizes and industries. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) noted that “Executives from around the world say that enhancing employee engagement is one of their top five global business strategies.”

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  • Performance Management Tips for New Managers

    Every organization has departments, processes, and goals. They also usually have key team players who help them run like a well-oiled machine. Their go-to individuals who know when something was done, by whom, and what to do next. But none of these things happen by luck or happenstance. Behind the...

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  • How Employee Coaching Can Impact Your Organization

    In any organization, being able to maximize the performance of your employees is important. Unfortunately, not every organization is able to make steady progress on driving employee engagement and performance.

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  • A New Look for C²Perform

    Hello everyone and welcome to our new website. Thanks for checking us out.

    Like you, the last two years have been a bit of a whirlwind for us. We have tripled in size since the onset of the pandemic and are thrilled to welcome many new clients and brands to our platform, and we now enable literally...

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  • Four Employee Engagement Strategies That Work

    If there’s one thing we hear about from all our clients, it’s the ongoing challenge in finding, getting and keeping the best possible workforce. This is especially true now: People are changing jobs more frequently (or thinking about it), demand for good employees is at historical highs and demands...

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  • Nine Steps to Set Up Your Knowledge Base

    Too often, employees must spend too much time tracking down information they need to do their jobs effectively. With an effective knowledge base, you’re making an investment in your team by providing quicker, more efficient access to valuable information... and you’ll be helping to increase your...

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  • Seven Ways to Improve Coaching

    Here’s a stat that will get your attention: According to the Gallup Organization, only 28% of employees strongly believe that the feedback they receive helps them do better work.

    Being a good coach can be hard, for a lot of reasons. It takes time to put together an effective session – pulling...

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