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Ready to Elevate
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Now you have access to important HRIS functionality without the time, effort and expense of
buying an HRIS system.

A recent survey by Joblist found that 73% of respondents were considering a job change.

Real World Tools to Tackle Real World Challenges

Performance Trends
  • Performance Reviews can be a challenge for growing organizations, so we created a flexible platform that can be tailored to your company’s unique needs and doesn’t require a huge investment of time and money in an HRIS platform.

  • With collaborative Goal Setting, you can make sure your teams are aligned.  You’ll move to working interactively toward common objectives instead of filling out forms that wind up in file folders until it’s time to write a review.

  • Employee Scorecards and Dashboards are only a couple of clicks away in C2Perform.  Combining data from the platform with external data you want to use, your team members and managers will always know where they stand relative to key performance outcomes.

  • Our Attendance Management tools let you spot issues before it’s too late, which means you reduce the time and effort required to deal with attendance challenges.

  • Make it easier for your team to request support with our Forms Creator, which integrates with virtually any support platform. Now, instead of having to request tech support help in one place or time off somewhere else, you can automate those workflows in C2Perform. You’ll save time and make your employees happier.

Everything Under One Roof

Outstanding value for less than what you’d pay for a lot of single-purpose solutions.

No more spreadsheets. No need to manage employees across multiple platforms (and pay for them). Not to mention trying to pull data from all those platforms to give you a view of what’s going on. You’ve got everything you need to improve performance and engage your teams in C2Perform.


Core Features. Start with one or more fundamental pieces and see immediate efficiency and improvement.

Enhancements.. Supercharge the power of C2Perform by adding modules that engage your team and give you interactive insights that you can turn into action.

C2Perform Features

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Be Better Everyday. Improve your customer experience with a connected set of quality, coaching, learning and knowledge tools.

Connect with your team. Connect with your team. Automatically recognize milestones and reward achievements, make it easier to communicate, create contests, get insights into your team’s pulse and more to engage your employees.

Efficiency and Value. Everything you need is in one platform, at a price that’s less than you’d pay for a lot of single-solution tools. (Oh, and no more spreadsheets.)