Pricing Plans

Three Options,  One Result:  Performance Improvement

No matter which of our plans you choose, you'll have access to a platform that can drive better results for your operation as soon as you launch.  As practitioners ourselves, we are devoted to creating value for our customers at every turn - and that's reflected in our pricing.  Take a look at the options below:  You'll see that you get awesome functionality for less than what you'd pay for just one single-purpose product.  Click on any tier to compare features.

Admin Console

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  • Permission and role-based user management
  • Multiple organizations supported
  • Custom-defined fields
  • Forms creator
  • Survey creator
  • Performance Evaluation creator
  • Action Plans
  • Work Flows


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  • Closed-loop activity tracking
  • Certification & Compliance management
  • xAPI support for all major eLearning developers
  • Comprehensive online assessments
  • Training retention and reinforcement
  • Results-based course assignments
  • Classroom-based course support
  • Manual and Electronic Quiz Results Tracking
  • Learning Tracks
  • Training effectiveness reporting
  • Integrated gamification techniques
  • Achievement badges
  • Post-classroom course performance reporting
  • Integrated gamification techniques
  • Achievement badges
  • Leaderboards
  • Skills Management
  • KPI integration support

Quality Assurance

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  • Complete closed loop system
  • Unlimited, fully customizable forms
  • Agent sign off on evaluations
  • Full analytics on evaluations performed
  • Multiple notification layers
  • Agent dispute resolution tracking
  • Calibration process management
  • Work management for QA Evaluators
  • Session follow-up tracking and reporting
  • AI-driven performance improvement

Knowledge Management

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  • Create any type of informaton
  • Permission-based access to articles
  • Permission-based content creation
  • Supports rich media formats
  • Customizable hierarchy for organization
  • Intuitive editor
  • Extensive Google-style search integration
  • Full revision history and document versioning
  • Supports ISO standards
  • Error reporting
  • Page rating system to improve accuracy
  • Document, page and user-level analytics
  • Integration with QA and KPI modules
  • API integration to multiple content sources


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  • Time Off Requests
  • Paperless Attendance Tracking
  • Incident Notification and Acknowledgement
  • Correlate attendance and performance
  • Integrates with payroll & HRIS platforms


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  • KPI metric overlays to correlate activity to performance
  • Track and trend unlimited KPIs
  • Support for multiple data imports
  • Fully customizable to fit organization's process
  • Agent and management dashboards
  • Leaderboards
  • Goal gamification
  • Analytics to identify trending and improvement opportunities
  • Customizable dashboards

Task Management

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  • Role-based task assignment
  • Customizable forms for tracking, reporting
  • Automation of tasks at multiple intervals
  • Ad hoc task assignment
  • Task widget
  • Compliance reporting
  • Process adherence and productivity insights


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  • Complete closed loop system
  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • User activity summaries
  • Customizable coaching forms
  • Compliance management
  • Built-in Analytics

Rewards & Recognition

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  • Fully integrated rewards and recognition
  • Points, badges and public recognition
  • Goal setting and progress tracking
  • Standard rules automation
  • Auto post employee event recognition
  • Supports realtime, on-the-spot recognition
  • Integrated gamification capabilities
  • Full badging system
  • Integrated points redemption system
  • In-house company store
  • "Big screen" broadcast support
  • External company store
  • Reward/performance correlation reporting

Communications Hub

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  • Fully integrated, multi-channel system
  • Multiple messaging areas
  • Built-in message scheduler
  • Broadcast messages with tracking
  • Permissions-based internal chat
  • "Big screen" broadcasting support


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  • Straightforward self-install
  • Business hours phone support
  • Implementation consulting calls
  • Dedicated implementation specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What Payment Methods Do You Support?

We currently accept ACH, Wire Transfers, Credit Cards  and checks in U. S. currency.

Do You Offer Monthly Subscriptions?

We do offer monthly subscriptions for customers with 200 or more users.  Credit card payment is required for monthly plans.

How Does the Annual Plan Work?

Annual plan fees are billed for 12 months in advance, and all future annual subscription fees will be automatically billed on your subscription anniversary date each year. 

What If I Need to Add More Users to My Annual Plan?

Simple.  Just drop us a note at  We'll add the users, prorate the annual subscription for the add-ons and add the amount to your subscription renewal invoice.

What If I Need to Cancel?

Okay, we get a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.  No worries, though... you just need to notify us via email to and we'll take care of it.  Any unused portion of an annual agreement will be refunded effective at the end of the cancellation month.

Is There An Annual Maintenance Fee?  Storage Fees?  Anything Else?

Nope.  Everything is included in our rates. 

Still have questions?

Call us at +1-800-916-3107