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How It All Started

Craig Preston

C2Perform was born out of the frustration of trying to run a customer support operation with spiral-bound notebooks and spreadsheets.

Hi, my name is Craig and I’m the Founder and CEO of C2Perform.

 Like you, I’m a practitioner and well-versed in the challenges of improving performance while keeping teams engaged after decades in leadership roles in customer care, sales and technology.  It’s not easy.  At all.

I saw firsthand how many things fell through the cracks because a lot of critical processes depended on scribbled notes and tons of spreadsheets being created in silos by different teams.  A real mess, but a real opportunity. 

 I have a passion for helping teams and for coding.  After literally searching the world over for a solution, in 2014 I decided to follow the path of a lot of entrepreneurs – I saw a need and decided to build something to help my colleagues with performance improvement and employee engagement.  That led to the creation of a company called Education Folder, the predecessor to C2Perform.

From bootstrapping the company to becoming the platform that powers the operational cadence of highly respected brands around the world, the journey has been incredible. 

We’ve got a great team with a singular focus on providing incredible value for our clients.  Thank you for checking out our site and learning more about us.  If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us hear from you.



Our Team

We’re a global team committed to helping our clients succeed.

  • Lee

  • Amandeep
    Manager India Operations

  • Manik
    Technical Operations

  • Arvind
    Technical Lead

  • Melissa
    Client Success

  • Rizwan
    Lead UI/UX Dev.

  • Omer
    Digital Product

  • Sandeep
    Technical Lead

  • Swaran
    Jr. Software Developer

  • Pooja
    Software Developer

  • Ashique
    Jr. Software Developer

  • Prantak
    Jr. UI/UX Developer

  • Bhawna
    Jr. PHP Developer

  • Paul
    Support Genius

  • Kusum
    Tableau Lead

  • Vinay
    Jr. Tableau Developer

  • Stacey
    Process Guru

  • Santhiya
    Quality Lead

  • Vidhya
    Jr. Quality Analyst

  • Rosalin
    Jr. Quality Analyst

  • Richa
    Jr. Quality Analyst

  • Sudheer

  • Sandeep
    Infrastructure Operations

  • Madhu
    HR Coordinator

 Launched in 2014,C2Perform enables millions of performance improvement and employee engagement interactions around the globe (15 countries - and growing)

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Be Better Everyday. Improve your customer experience with a connected set of quality, coaching, learning and knowledge tools.

Connect with your team. Connect with your team. Automatically recognize milestones and reward achievements, make it easier to communicate, create contests, get insights into your team’s pulse and more to engage your employees.

Efficiency and Value. Everything you need is in one platform, at a price that’s less than you’d pay for a lot of single-solution tools. (Oh, and no more spreadsheets.)