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We're pleased to welcome you to our new brand and hope you'll spend some time looking around our site and learning more about our platform.  Most of all, we hope you'll see things that make you think about how you do things today and where you'd like to take your business in the future - whether you're a contact center, back office support, a sales operation or a field service team.

It's so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the latest trends and implications for customer support operations - AI, analytics, workforce engagement, gamification - that we sometimes miss the forest for the trees.  

We believe that with the right tools and direction teams are capable of accomplishing almost anything.  While there are a ton of standalone tools that do parts of what C2Perform does, there's no other product on the market that does everything we do in a unified platform and provides you with a closed loop view of how activities correlate to performance outcomes and your achievement of Key Performance Indicators.

Like you, we're practitioners and - like the Farmers Insurance ad - we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.  Years of experience and frustration with trying to find a solution like C2Perform led to the creation of our company.  We now help companies in numerous countries get better every day.

So take a look around and let us know if we can do anything for you.

Meet the Team

Craig Preston

Founder and CEO

Craig is a practitioner and builder with a passion for helping teams.  Craig saw the need for an integrated performance management solution after spending decades in leadership roles in customer care, sales and technology.  After (literally) searching the world over for a solution, he did what many great entrepreneurs before him did - identified a market and built a product as a way to help his peers in the trenches.  From beginnings in a spiral-bound notebook to a holistic performance platform serving customers in multiple industries and countries, Craig believes making things work better leaves more time for the fun stuff - and we all could use a little more fun.

When he's not working on making C2Perform even better, Craig loves spending time with his family, especially around the water.  That's where you'll find him in his down time (or maybe Las Vegas).

Lee Waters


Sing. Dance. Play the piano.  Move it in case of emergency.  That pretty well sums up Lee's role at C2Perform.  Before joining the company, Lee and Craig had known each other for 15+ years and share a vision about how C2Perform can help people and teams and companies thrive based on their experiences as customer support practitioners.  A serial entrepreneur (including co-founding a company that premiered on the Inc 500 list at #53), Lee loves the value that C2Perform creates for our customers, and he helps spread the word and supports Craig in the day-to-day operations of the company.

When he's not working on C2Perform, he's working on his golf game and serving as a mentor for other entrepreneurs.  That, and counting the days until the start of UNC's next basketball season.

Paul Daubney

Customer Support Manager

"Better call Paul."

You hear that a lot around C2Perform and with good reason.  Paul is a great ambassador for our customers, a job he comes by quite naturally after stints around the world in customer support - like serving as a Goodwill Ambassador at the World's Fair in Spain back in the day or as a hotel concierge in Cancun dealing with hundreds of spring breakers.  

Paul's approach to ensuring our customers' satisfaction is based on a simple premise:  Being in the moment and participating with intensity "in the game."  Couple that approach with great problem-solving skills and a drive to find the next great solution, and you've got the perfect person for the job.

The global ambassador thing is for real.  When he's not helping our customers, Paul loves traveling the world.  The best part of his travels?  Constantly learning about other cultures and customs and picking up new languages along the way.

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We operate on a very simple principle:  We believe with the right tools and direction, people are capable of accomplishing great things.  C2Perform exists to help our clients improve the customer experience and engage more deeply with their team members.

We're growing rapidly and changing the way companies do business by giving them a complete, affordable performance management platform that correlates activities with outcomes in a way no other company is doing.  

Sound interesting?  Think we might have some proverbial synergy? Then get in touch.  You'll find we're quick thinkers, predisposed to action and totally focused on helping sales and support operations get better every day.

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