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A Knowledge Base That Makes Your Team and Your Customers Happy

Companies in a wide variety of industries rely on C2Perform's knowledge base platform to help their teams deliver on service commitments and customer satisfaction by making it easy to access information when and where they need it.  Our AI-enhanced search makes content readily accessible and relevant, which means users spend less time looking for information and more time helping customers.

Research from McKinsey found the average interaction worker spends nearly 20 percent of a typical week looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.

Knowledge Is Power... and Empowering

Knowledgebase Features and Tools
  • Use the Assigned Reading function to distribute articles to any combination of team members – individuals, groups, locations, specific teams, or lines of business – and easily see when content has been accessed.

  • Integration with our QA module lets you create workflows to automatically assign a knowledge article for refresher learning based on evaluation scores or performance in training, which helps the team become more proficient and confident.

  • Improve employee onboarding (and engagement) by providing new employees with a robust resource that helps them get up to speed faster and increase productivity.

  • Add any rich media file type  (images, videos, audio clips, PDFs) and use time savers like snippets and templates to deliver engaging and effective content from day one.  Better content = better utilization.   

  • Analytics at the document and usage levels create a valuable feedback loop, which means you can uncover opportunities to improve your training, coaching, and quality assurance processes.

Everything Under One Roof

Outstanding value for less than what you’d pay for a lot of single-purpose solutions.

No more spreadsheets. No need to manage employees across multiple platforms (and pay for them). Not to mention trying to pull data from all those platforms to give you a view of what’s going on. You’ve got everything you need to improve performance and engage your teams in C2Perform.


Core Features. Start with one or more fundamental pieces and see immediate efficiency and improvement.

Enhancements.. Supercharge the power of C2Perform by adding modules that engage your team and give you interactive insights that you can turn into action.

C2Perform Features

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Be Better Everyday. Improve your customer experience with a connected set of quality, coaching, learning and knowledge tools.

Connect with your team. Connect with your team. Automatically recognize milestones and reward achievements, make it easier to communicate, create contests, get insights into your team’s pulse and more to engage your employees.

Efficiency and Value. Everything you need is in one platform, at a price that’s less than you’d pay for a lot of single-solution tools. (Oh, and no more spreadsheets.)