Knowledge Management
Intuitive editing tools
Google-style search
Supports any type of content

Knowledge Management

Centralized Content That Makes Customers and Your Team Happy

  • "Required reading" feature supports compliance management
  • Full revision history and document versioning
  • Create any type of information you choose, such as FAQs, wikis, manuals, customer service responses and technical data
  • User page rating system to improve utilization
  • Document, page and user-level analytics
  • Search and content gap analysis
  • Supports rich media formats
  • Customizable hierarchy for your organization
  • Error reporting
  • Supports ISO, Lean Six Sigma
A Unique Approach to Knowledge Management

C2Perform's Knowledge Management System (KM) is built on a strong understanding of what users need to be successful, with an emphasis on being flexible to meet each customer's specific requirements.

Customers in a wide variety of industries rely on C2Perform's knowledge management to help their teams deliver on service commitments and customer satisfaction by giving everyone access to information when and where they need it.  Our Google-like search function makes content readily accessible, which means users spend less time looking for knowledge management articles and more time helping customers.

What's Different About C2Perform's Knowledge Management Tools?
  • Automatically assign knowledgebase pages for self-study based on Quality Assurance results and performance changes within Key Performance Indicators - quickly address training needs with self-study and track completion.
  • In addition to creating any type of content you want (including rich media), you can empower team members with the ability to create and maintain your knowledgebase. 
  • No special skills or training are required, and our intuitive editor makes it easy to organize and structure content into any type of hierarchy with full version control. 
  • A closed-loop error reporting system and user page rating feature ensure your team is engaged with your knowledge management process and that your information is always up-to-date.
  • Usage analytics give you insights into user information searches and identify gaps in content and fix them.
  • Knowledgebase analytics at the document, page and user levels provide valuable information about utilization and help you uncover opportunities for training and coaching which can be integrated into our Quality Assurance, Training and Coaching modules for additional action.


Effective knowledge management tools adhere to the "three click rule" - users should be able to access any information in the knowledge base with no more than three clicks.