Learning Management
Supports Any Learning Method
Robust Authoring Tools
Intuitive for Trainers and Learners

Learning Management

Because Meeting Your Goals Requires a Well-Trained Team

  • Build skills, develop leaders and accelerate employee performance with learning management built specifically for customer support and sales operations
  • Supports any type of learning environment - online or offline
  • Lets you see impact of training on each learner's performance
  • Robust authoring tools let you use any type of media in course development
  • Full certification program management with learning paths and course groupings
  • Integrated gamification techniques keep learners more engaged
  • Analytics provide real insights into training effectiveness and actionable data for improvement
  • Fully supports ISO and Lean Six Sigma
Boldly Going Where No LMS Has Gone Before

As practitioners like you, we did a lot of learning management system (LMS) comparisons over the years... which is why we decided to build our own.

The challenge with standalone LMS platforms is that they're, well, standalone.  There are plenty of solutions out there that all sort of do the same thing - easy authoring tools, progress and completion reports, time logs, learner rating and certifications - but we saw a big need to create an LMS that was an integral part of an operating process that maximizes your investment in training.  So, rather than just focusing just on the basics, the C2Perform LMS is part of a living, breathing performance management system - one where you can directly correlate training with progress toward your team's goals and identify opportunities to get better every day.

What's Different About C2Perform's Learning Management System?

  • Analytics that overlay training results with KPI performance to give you a clear view of the effectiveness of your training
  • Training results drive follow up activities - coaching sessions, retraining, micro courses, knowledgebase article references - based on parameters you select at the individual, team or department levels
  • Support for any learning environment - classroom, instructor-led, eLearning, micro learning - which is very important to address the different ways your team members learn best
  • Unique learning retention tools to avoid "the forgetting curve" (which says learners may lose as much as 50% of the material covered in a course within 72 hours)
  • Integrated gamification techniques keep your learners engaged with badging, social recognition, leaderboards and rewards
  • Facilitators have everything they need under one roof to create certification paths (critical for compliance issues), measure course effectiveness and identify areas of focus for future training

A long-term research project commissioned by Middlesex University for Work Based Learning found that from a 4,300-worker sample, 74% felt that they weren't achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities.