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Are Missing KPIs Hurting Your Bottom Line? (+ Performance Management Tips)

Lee Waters
Posted by Lee Waters

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Does your data show that employees are missing their targets? Consider if this is due to them underperforming or poor performance management within the organization. Effective performance management helps to keep business operations running smoothly while ensuring that everyone is meeting their individual goals.

Within your organization, each person is a key player to overall success. With the right management techniques, employees will be motivated to hit their goals. Understanding where your team falls short will help you make necessary adjustments and maintain high levels of performance. 

Let’s dive into how call centers can enhance performance management to improve their bottom line. 

How Call Centers Can Lose Money to Performance Management Issues

Performance management is essential for any business to keep things running smoothly and hit their weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Call centers can be extraordinarily fast-paced operations with many goals that employees (and the business as a whole) need to meet. When key performance indicator (KPI) goals are not met, call centers and customer support departments might be falling below expectations.

Having attainable goals set through effective project management techniques will not only maintain employee engagement and productivity, but it will also make sure businesses aren’t losing any money along the way. For businesses like call centers, a KPI might be time spent on a phone call if they charge hourly. Missing a KPI such as this will have a negative impact on the revenue of the business, costing thousands of dollars in losses each year. 

Frequent performance management issues might be a contributing factor to these losses. Let’s get into a few examples of KPIs and how missing these targets can hinder a business.


Poor communication will quickly show the cracks within any organization. Whether internal communication standards are disrupting workflow or customers are not receiving the information that they need, individual and company-wide goals will not be met. When it comes to utilizing business process outsourcing, or BPO, there are often delays in communication channels that will set this KPI back. 

Employee Turnover

If a company is not able to keep their employees, a large amount of time will be wasted trying to catch new employees up to previously set standards. Hiring a new employee is time consuming and is often expensive. Gallup notes that replacing an employee can cost up to double the salary of that employee. Instead of meeting with new customers and making sales, time will be spent hiring and training new team members.

Productivity Goals

Management is responsible for setting performance goals for employees. Goals that are set too high, such as making more calls than the employees are capable of, will lead to team members missing their KPIs.  

On the other end of the spectrum, non-existing goals provide room for employees to underperform without even knowing it. The call center as a whole might be able to make more calls and draw in more customers if the goals are both clear and attainable. 


A huge appeal of BPO organizations like call centers and customer service agencies is their ability to perform at a low cost. However, this might make resources slim while being expected to provide a high level of service.

3 Tips to Improve KPI Goal Adherence

In order to stay profitable and on track to reach those essential KPIs, performance management must be conducted effectively. This means taking a look at the overall organization, determining what goals are attainable, and establishing a benchmark of success. Setting KPIs with specific objectives might be easy, but how do you make sure your employees are reaching their goals?

  • Adopt Effective Communication. A streamlined way of communicating within your organization will ensure that no information is lost in translation. With the right communication channels, your company will know exactly what is expected of each team member and there will be a clear method in place to address any issues along the way.
  • Maintain High Motivation. An easy way to motivate employees is to reward them for their work. Incentivized goals, such as reaching a certain number of calls in a week, can be met with a small reward to boost morale and keep engagement high. Even allowing employees to see each other's performance levels might promote some friendly competition to keep engagement high.
  • Regularly Review KPIs. Changes in goals from month to month may vary, which is normal. If KPIs don’t adjust in alignment with changes in objectives, then your employees might seem to be underperforming. Regularly review KPIs and communicate any new adjustments with your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Staying on top of KPIs and ensuring that your team is engaged will help your organization perform better than ever. Additionally, enthusiasm and dedication will make your KPIs attainable for everyone.

Get a Superior Performance Management Solution

Implementing performance management solutions will keep employees on track to meet their goals. Missing KPIs will lead to employees feeling as though they are not working hard enough or not making enough contributions for the organization. The right solution will keep goals within reach while ensuring a healthy work environment for your team. 

C2Perform provides businesses with an all-in-one tool that makes performance management streamlined and effective. By combining data dashboards, communication channels, employee coaching, learning management, employee engagement, and more within a single resource, it will be easier than ever to keep track of KPIs and ensure that your team is hitting them.  

This dynamic tool will improve the overall efficiency of your business so you can reach your goals and set more aggressive ones. To get started, contact the C2Perform team today to set a demo!

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