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  • Why Do Contact Center Employees Hate Performance Improvement Plans?

    An effective contact center relies on the hard work and dedication of its team members. In order to help call center employees succeed in their roles, it's crucial to provide them with tools, knowledge, and resources they need to complete their daily tasks.

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  • 5 Tips to Help You Keep Contact Center Agents

    In any organization, employee retention is key to success. For contact centers, this rings especially true as turnover is expensive and a drag on operational goals. Estimates on the cost of replacing an employee range from several thousand dollars to two times the employee's annual salary. 

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  • 7 Tips for Improving Internal Communication and Team Coordination

    Internal communication (IC) keeps the entire contact center workforce engaged through collaboration and the flow of information. No matter what size your contact/call center is, internal communication plays a major role in your organization’s success.

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  • Using a Dynamic Coaching Platform for Performance Improvement

    In this world of different work environments—in-person, remote, hybrid—employee coaching has taken on more significance than ever.  We all know maximizing employee performance is crucial for any contact center’s ongoing success. What often gets overlooked however is just how critical employee...

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  • How Employee Coaching Can Impact Your Organization

    In any organization, being able to maximize the performance of your employees is important. Unfortunately, not every organization is able to make steady progress on driving employee engagement and performance.

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  • Four Employee Engagement Strategies That Work

    If there’s one thing we hear about from all our clients, it’s the ongoing challenge in finding, getting and keeping the best possible workforce. This is especially true now: People are changing jobs more frequently (or thinking about it), demand for good employees is at historical highs and demands...

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