Simple Idea.  Outstanding Results.  One Platform.

We were built by practitioners with a simple principle in mind:  With the right tools, processes and motivation, every team can achieve peak performance - it's what we call the C2Perform Method.  

No longer do you have to try to coordinate (and pay for) multiple systems to improve performance in your contact center.  Gone are the days of buying separate learning management systems, quality platforms, coaching tools and knowledgebase solutions (and more).  With C2Perform, you get everything you need under one roof to make your team more effective and efficient.

And we do all this for about the same price as you'd pay for a single-purpose platform.

We're about more than technology - we're about engaging your team and giving them the tools to do more.  We simplify processes and reveal actionable data that let you drive improvement, reduce costs and reward and recognize great performers.

Start with one or more of our Core modules and you'll see immediate improvements. Click on any module to learn more.
Then add our Engagement Tools to enable a holistic metrics-focused management system for your operation.
Rewards & Recognition

Start With Our Core Solutions.

Our customers come to us with a variety of challenges and goals, but they all have one thing in common:  A desire to make their organizations better.

A typical use case for new clients is to start out with a combination of our Core℠ products, which tend to yield almost immediate improvements:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Learning Management
  • Coaching
  • Quality Assurance

Once the Core℠ products have been implemented, our customers quickly see real benefits like:

  • The ability to correlate activities to outcomes and identify specific areas to improve training and knowledge management resources
  • Having a systematic approach to coaching, with immediate insights and recommendations to make coaching sessions more effective
  • An increase in training efficiency with the ability to support any type of training environment - instructor-led, eLearning, classroom training and micro learning - and our reinforcement tool
  • Enhanced efficiency for your team through access to better resources and more timely and consistent feedback

Add Engagement Tools for an End-to-End Solution.

Metrics matter.  After you've got the basic building blocks in place, you can roll out any or all of our engagement tools with our Team℠ or Plus℠ tiers for a complete KPI management platform that delivers :

  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Communications
  • Gamification
  • Tasks
  • Attendance

What's at the end of the performance rainbow?

  • Holistic, actionable data you can use to drive specific performance improvement activities and results
  • A more engaged workforce whose efforts are recognized and rewarded and who have a say in improving tools and processes
  • Unmatched Return on Investment.  C2Perform provides all this and more for a fraction of what it would cost to buy and support multiple systems.