Rewards & Recognition
Automatically Recognize Great Performance
Built-In Gamification Elements
Correlate Recognition to Outcomes

Rewards & Recognition

Recognize. Retain. Repeat.

  • Set business rules to automatically recognize and reward performance with positive changes to KPIs
  • Creates a quick and easy way to identify outstanding performers and specialists for future needs
  • Peer-to-peer recognition increases engagement and builds team effectiveness
  • Automatically post personalized recognition to message boards and login portal for work anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones
  • Great for sales incentives, training completion, promotions, wellness recognition, attendance, customer service recognition, safety awards and more
  • Integrated gamification elements for flexible, visible acknowledgement of performance
  • Optional "company store" template available
  • Fully supports ISO and Lean Six Sigma
There's a Lot of Talk About Employee Engagement.  Here's a Great Way to Do Something About It.

Creating an engaged workforce.  It's on everyone's mind these days... ours too.  We believe true employee engagement begins with recognizing your team for the amazing work they do - and having fun along the way.  And no, we don't mean the yearly ceremonies or cheeky rewards or pizza days, but about building a real company culture that revolves around letting people know when they've done a good job and improving the employee experience.  That’s why C2Perform's Rewards & Recognition module is not just a shoe-horned afterthought, but rather an integrated system built into your entire operational process.

What's Different About C2Perform's Rewards & Recognition Tools?

  • Our fully integrated, multi-tiered rewards and recognition system increases employee engagement - and reduces attrition - by using business rules to automatically acknowledge great work
  • Supports a wide range of employee engagement strategies with a variety of ways to recognize your team, including peer-to-peer platforms, message boards, big screen (broadcast) support, gamification and company stores
  • Unique self-motivation tools empower employees to set goals for themselves and track progress towards those goals
  • Automatically award achievement badges for any defined criteria - such as completing an activity, training course, customer compliment - completely customizable to your work environment and what your team is trying to achieve
  • Advanced reporting and analytics give you actionable data to make sure your rewards system is meeting your business goals

Connect the dots between individual roles and the goals of the organization. When people see that connection, they get a lot of energy out of work. They feel the importance, dignity, and meaning in their job.

- Ken Blanchard, Legendary Management Expert