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Craig Preston
Posted by Craig Preston on Jun 18, 2019 9:49:56 AM

Hello and welcome to C2Perform. We’re glad you’re here! For our customers and friends who knew us as EducationFolder, thank you for your continued interest in us and what we’re doing. For those of you who are just getting to know us, I wanted to use this initial post to share how we got here… and where we’re headed.

From Spiral Notebook…

Like many of you who are reading this, I’m a contact center practitioner. C2Perform literally came from a spiral-bound notebook. Not quite the “idea on the back of a napkin” story that supposedly launched Southwest Airlines, but close.

I saw early on in my first contact center management role that helping frontline managers – whether you call them coaches or supervisors or team leads – become more productive and effective was the key thing I could do to help our team succeed. So (and yes, this was back in the day), we rolled out a notebook system. Just a simple, spiral-bound notebook where our supervisors kept a journal of who they coached, notes from QA sessions, what they talked about and follow up steps for future coaching sessions.

The initial idea was to introduce accountability into the process to make sure coaching took place, but, more importantly, it was to help the coaches get better and make those coaching sessions more effective.

Through that process, it was pretty easy to figure out the biggest challenge to effective coaching and development of our team… time.

Being a Contact Center Supervisor is Hard.

I saw (and continue to see) it time and time again: One of your team members leaves work on Friday as a top-performing rep and comes to work on Monday as your newest supervisor. Given the importance of supervisors in contact centers, my desire was to provide our supervisors with a better way to coach and develop their teams.

As a contact center leader, think about all the challenges your supervisors have to juggle just to do their jobs:

  • Managing a team of 10-20 people
  • Real-time assistance for customer interactions – calls, chats, emails, etc.
  • Dealing with a team that has varying skill sets
  • Administrative demands (we call it “administrivia”)

You get the picture.

How Much Effort Do We Put Into Developing Our Supervisors?

Answer: Probably not enough.

I went down the path of addressing time management first, prioritizing what should come first, how often, what had to be done, what could slide if there wasn’t enough time.

What I saw bothered me. My team leaders were coaching, but it was what I call “drive by” coaching – listen to a call snippet or a quick glance at an email or chat queue, a quick view of stats, a pat on the back and “great job, keep up the good work” and then move on. Doesn’t take a ton of effort, but it also doesn’t yield great results.

I realized that the type of coaching I wanted wasn’t happening because the preparation required to coach effectively wasn’t happening.

The Math Was Scary

I did a simple math exercise one day to put a number on how much time it’d take for my supervisors to properly prepare for a coaching session – and by proper preparation I meant looking at background data and providing context on a team member’s:

  • Performance
  • Company Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Quality Assurance (QA) attributes being measured

As an example, I took a supervisor leading a team of 12 reps. We were on a quarterly formal coaching session schedule, and we were doing a minimum of one QA session per rep per week. Look at the math:

  • 12 reps on a team
  • 1 QA session per rep per week during the coaching period = 12 QA sessions to review before coaching for each rep, 144 for the team
  • 3-4 minutes to do a thorough job of reviewing each QA form
  • Works out to 7-10 hours of prep four times a year

It was easy to see that the sheer volume of work involved in preparation for coaching was a major obstacle to having an effective coaching session, and QA reviews were just one piece of the preparation. Add in soft skills, coaching on specific areas of opportunity, providing context, career counseling and you can see how the time adds up.

And the phones don’t stop ringing, the emails keep coming in, the tickets are queueing up…

So I Decided to Do Something About It

I’m one of those people who likes to build stuff, so I decided to build my own solution that would help other call center practitioners. Specifically, I set out to create a platform that would:

  • Enable more consistent and meaningful coaching sessions that actually improve performance
  • Streamline the QA process
  • Integrate training and knowledge management into a continuous improvement loop
  • Provide a full metrics-based, KPI management suite
  • Be affordable

After a couple of years of work with a talented development team, I introduced EducationFolder, our predecessor company, to the market in 2016.

… To Comprehensive Performance Management Suite

So it’s our pleasure to introduce our new brand, C2Perform.

Our new name reflects what we’re all about – an end-to-end solution for any customer-facing operation that directly correlates performance in one area with outcomes that drive your key performance indicators, so now you can:

  • Automatically refer a rep to a knowledgebase article or training based on performance against a specified QA attribute
  • Truly evaluate the effectiveness of training and coaching sessions on a team member’s performance
  • Ensure that follow up tasks happen on time, every time
  • Drive employee engagement with a multi-channel communications portal
  • Systematically recognize and reward your top performers and see how that recognition affects your metrics
  • Access analytics that provide meaningful and actionable insights that help your teams get better
  • Do all this – and more – for less than you’d pay for many standalone LMS, knowledge management or coaching platforms

With the help of our current customers, a gifted team of practitioners and influences from some of the best CX minds out there, we’re pleased to introduce you to our company and our services. We continue to innovate and are proud to be serving customers across the globe while providing outstanding value for those partners.

I hope you’ll take a minute to check out our Solutions page and see what we’re all about.

While you’re here, I also invite you to subscribe to our C2Perform Index, a quarterly one-pager that provides trends on how the platform is being used by customers in a wide variety of industries and use cases.

So, welcome to C2Perform.

And stay tuned…

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