A New Look for C²Perform

Lee Waters
Posted by Lee Waters
New Look for C²Perform

Hello everyone and welcome to our new website. Thanks for checking us out.

Like you, the last two years have been a bit of a whirlwind for us. We have tripled in size since the onset of the pandemic and are thrilled to welcome many new clients and brands to our platform, and we now enable literally millions of performance improvement and employee engagement interactions every year around the world – 15 countries and growing!

We’ve been busy during that time, with several major enhancements, including:

  • A redesigned UX with easier navigation and a cleaner look and feel
  • The introduction of C2Connect, our in-platform chat and video meeting tools
  • Our Engagement module, which combines our badging platform, leaderboards, company store and Level Up feature where employees can earn points and progress through different levels in the platform
  • Enhancements to our Knowledge Base, including the ability to assign readings to any number of audience combinations and an improved WYSIWYG editor.

A big learning for us during the pandemic came from current and prospective clients who brought home the message about just how important we had become for our clients in this new way of working. Phrases like “mission critical” and “indispensable” and “can’t image what it’d be like without you” were popping up frequently.

As most of you know, we’ve never done a ton of marketing as we were focused on building the best product we could – based almost exclusively on client input – but now it’s time for us to start getting the word out. Our new website is a big step in that direction.

In addition to the cleaner site design that you probably noticed immediately, you’ll see that we’re positioning C2Perform as a “Super App” for customer support operations. For those of you not yet familiar with the term, a Super App is a one-stop portal that lets customers access multiple services in one place. When we heard first heard the term, Craig and I looked at each other and said “That’s it. That’s us.”

Our notion of the Super App is to give our customers everything they need under one roof to improve performance and drive better employee engagement (we’ll share thoughts on both of those concepts in future posts). As you’ve hopefully seen on the new site, we make it easy to mix and match modules that help our customers and prospective customers tailor a solution that works for them.

What can you expect from the site?

Well, for starters, content. Content that addresses some of the hot topics in our business. This month, that includes three blog entries about topics near and dear to a lot of you: better coaching, knowledge base creation guidelines and traits of companies that have great employee engagement.

The C2Perform Index (C2PI) also becomes a regular feature on the site. We’ll be the first to admit that our publishing schedule for the index was, ahem, sporadic. We’ve posted the most recent index that highlights five key findings when comparing 2021 with 2020. Our next release, in the first week of April, will share insights from the first quarter of 2022 and then each quarter thereafter.

And that’s just for starters.

Also, based on repeated requests, we’ll start publishing release notes in the first week of April to keep you up to date on what’s changed in the platform and significant future enhancements.

By the way, our team has grown considerably to make all this happen and to position us for future growth and support of our clients. We’re excited to have such a great team located around the world, and we plan to keep growing.

Finally, we want to thank our clients and their teams who use C2Perform every day and who inspire us to innovate and improve. It is our great and good fortune to work with so many people we like.

So, take a look around and enjoy the new site. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Continued success,


P.S. Feel free to drop me a note if you’ve got any feedback or ideas for content you’d like to see us include in the future.

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