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Attendance Assist

Do Your Team Members Know Where They Stand?

  • Business rules automatically keep employees in the loop about attendance events
  • Eliminates paper tracking
  • Record incidents electronically and generate notifications before attendance becomes a problem
  • Gamification techniques recognize outstanding performers
  • A closed-loop reporting system for attendance compliance
  • Correlate attendance data to overall performance metrics (KPIs)
Get Ahead of the Attendance Curve.

We've all faced it:  How to balance the need to have your team in place when and where you need them with the realities of life that affect attendance.  Then there's the argument about whether or not to recognize good attendance to begin with (do you reward someone for doing the most basic part of their job - showing up - or should you heap praise on a team member to continue desired behavior?).

More times than not (and often out of necessity), we see an attendance policy that looks like this:

A certain number of attendance "occurrences" results in a verbal warning → then a written warning → then a final warning → then termination.

Problem is, once an employee gets to the verbal warning phase it may already be too late.  Complicated point systems and rigid scheduling often contribute to the very attendance and employee engagement issues they're trying to solve.

Here's where we can help. C2Perform's Attendance Assist uses your business rules and creates an automated system to take the guesswork — and paperwork — out of attendance adherence tracking.  No more spreadsheets.  No more unproductive time spent by managers with written notifications.  Early alerts automatically drive coaching sessions or reminders to your team members to head off attendance problems before they start.

Gold star attendance is automatically recognized to help encourage strong attendance.

What's Different About C2Perform's Attendance Assist?

  • Early alerts automatically drive coaching visits or reminders to your team members so you can head off attendance problems before they start.
  • Goes the "last mile" where many HRIS platforms don't
  • Lets you easily see how attendance is impacting your operation by connecting it to performance metrics
  • Analytics help you identify attendance trends across your operation
  • Built-in gamification tools automatically recognize and reward team members with great attendance

Best practices for attendance:

  • Clearly communicate your attendance policy and expectations
  • Keep your team members up to date on where they stand at any given time
  • Don't let an attendance issue build - address it early and get to the root causes
  • Provide context: Share how one team member's absence affects the rest of the group's performance
  • Reward and recognize top performers